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Wynd Plus Air Purifier

Wynd Plus is a smart portable air purifier from Silicon Valley, USA. It creates a bubble of clean air around you by removing at least 99% of different pollutions from the air, including bacteria, virus, germs, allergens, etc.

Original Price: HK $1,680

Special Price: HK $1,280

Award Winning, NASA Technology

The Wynd Plus was invented by a group of MIT graduates and R&D personnel with working experience in the United States Space Agency (NASA). They successfully used aerospace technology to design advanced air purification performance for the Wynd Plus.

Furthermore, the Wynd Plus was awarded by Time Magazine as “One of the Best 25 Inventions of the Year”.

Knows what is in your air

Wynd Plus comes with a built-in air quality sensor that continuously monitors the air around you and alerts you when it becomes unhealthy. Pairs with the Wynd app to unlock even more features, like remotely controlling your Plus and viewing air quality data from your device.


How good is Wynd Plus purification?

Here is a smoke video on Wynd Plus purification efficacy.  First we place an air quality monitor inside a sealed box, to measure the Particulate Matter (PM) Index, and then we blow the smoke into the sealed box.

As you can see, within 15 seconds, the Wynd Plus strongly capture all of the visible particles.  Of course, there are still harmful particles floating in the air that are invisible to see.  The air quality monitor inside the box shows the the PM2.5 index continue to drop, until it reaches zero.  Wynd Plus proves that it can effectively remove harmful air particles. The harmful particles pass through the Wynd Plus antibacterial nano-silver coating filter, which can effectively filter viruses and bacteria.

Wynd Plus Baby Stroller Kit

Want to protect your child from roadside pollutants? Wynd can help you.

Wynd Plus Baby Stroller Kit is designed to attach your Wynd Plus safely onto the baby stroller, so that you can provide clean air to your child whenever you are on the go.

Wynd Plus Filter

Wynd Plus filter is comprised of an electrostatic mesh interlaced with silver. It captures 99% particles, and the impregnated silver helps remove bacteria and viruses.

Wynd App notifies you when you need to replace your filter. The filter life is around 3 months, depending on your actual usage.

Product Feature


Using NASA airflow technology, Wynd Plus has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 16 m3/h.


Different from other air purifier that needs to use with power adaptor, Wynd Plus lithium battery allows you to use up to 8 hours after fully charge.


Easily change the air flow by turning Wynd Plus top, and watch the colors change to indicate different fan modes.

CLEAN AIR on the go

With a weight of just 0.43kg and base of 7cm diameter, Wynd Plus fits perfectly on a standard cup holder inside your car, or bring it wherever you go.




Size (CM)

16.9 H x 7 B

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

16 m3/h

Noise Level

30dbs to 55dbs

Battery Life (Normal Usage)

up to 8 hours

Power Usage


Recommended area:

50 sq. ft

Filter usage

3 months

Wynd Plus - White

Wynd Plus - Black

Wynd Plus Accessories

Wynd Plus Filter $90

Wynd Plus Filters Set $400

Wynd Baby Stroller Kit $250

Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer: $1,280

Limited Time Offer: $1,330

Limited Time Offer: $2,280

About Wynd

Wynd Technologies, Inc. is based in Silicon Valley, California and was founded by MIT graduate Ray Wu.   Their first product, the Wynd Plus portable air purifier was a big success, and awarded by Time Magazine as “One of the Best Invention of the Year”.   Subsequently, Wynd introduced a larger size air purifier, the Wynd Max, along with an air quality monitor, the Wynd Halo.

Today, companies that are using Wynd’s products and technology include Marriott Hotels, SpaceX, Apple, MIT.  Modus is the exclusive distributor for Wynd Brand and its product in Hong Kong.

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