Wynd Suite Air Purifier

Wynd Suite is an all around air purifier suitable for 600 to 800 square feet of indoor space, with multiple filtration methods to provide a clean indoor air environment.  

Utilising medical grade HEPA filter material along with UV-C lights, the Wynd Suite can effectively filter out 99.999% of PM0.3 particles, including different kind of bacteria, viruses, pet dander, pollen.  Based on test result from Innovative Bioanalysis (Biosafety level-3 lab), Wynd Suite can eliminate 99.998% Covid-19 virus, including the Omicron variant.

* Wynd Suite Air Purifier meets the FEHD and Education Bureau requirement of air purifiers for catering and school use and meet the 6 Air Change Per Hour requirement. 

Multiple Filtrations,
100% Complete Sealing

The Wynd Suite Air Purifier is uniquely designed to have 100% complete sealing with no air leak.  All pollutants are captured in “one pass”, achieving a zero particle count at the air outlet.  All viruses and bacteria are fully filtered and not release back out to the air, and thus have no secondary pollution.

The Wynd Suite comes with multiple filtration functions to help eliminate harmful pollutants. Our HEPA filter uses H13 Grade material, with the filter frame structure includes copper silver ion for anti-viral function. Wynd Suite is also equipped with 265nm UV-C lights, and ecological nano water ion technology for additional sterilisation and inhibits bacteria growth.

Retail Price: HK $3,680

High Fan Speed, Low Noise

Using a Japanese brushless DC motor, the Wynd Suite has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) – particles of 520 m3/h, with a noise level of only 51.4db at the highest fan speed, 30% more quiet compare to similar air purifiers. Wynd Suite Cumulate Clean Mass (Particulate Matter) exceed National Standard P4 level.

Furthermore, the Wynd Suite is highly effective is removing gas pollutants, including formaldehyde and VOC.  The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) – formaldehyde is 398 m3/h.  Its Cumulate Clean Mass (Formaldehyde) exceed National Standard F4 level.

Key Features

Multiple Fan Speed Mode

4 manual fan speeds, Auto and Sleep mode.

Japan DC Brushless Motor

Highly efficiency, durable, and quiet. Noise level from 18db to 51.4db.

Air Monitoring

Air Quality Sensor to detect PM2.5, Temperature, and Humidity.

Smart Control

Equipped with WIFI, connect to App for remote control.



Retail Price: HK $3,680


600 - 800 square feet


520 cubic meters per hour


389 cubic meters per hour


9 months


Manual, Auto, Maximum, Night


5 kg


H59 x W30 x D30


18.0 - 51.4 db


Max 50W


WIFI, App support iOS and Android

Air Purifier Rental

We offer corporate air purifier rental program for our Wynd Suite Air Purifier, with a minimum rental of 6 months, and up to 24 months.  

The rental fee for each unit is as low as $188 per month, depending on the rental period.  

Please contact us for more details.

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommended Wynd Suite for 600 to 800 square feet area for normal indoor environment, depending on the air change preferences you might have.

The Wynd Suite can filter out up to 99.999% of PM0.3 particles, including different kinds of bacteria and viruses particles. Based on test result from Innovative Bioanalysis (Biosafety level-3 lab), Wynd Suite can eliminate 99.998% Covid-19 virus, including the Omicron variant. 

The filter typically lasts for 9 months depending on usage. Through Smart app, we can track the filter life for you.  The price for Wynd Suite H13 HEPA filter set is $780, while for the H14 HEPA filter version is $1,080.

Noise levels vary by fan speed and settings. Night mode setting is as quiet as a soft whisper at 18 decibels.  At the maximum fan speed setting, the noise level is at 51.4 decibels.

To change the fan speed simply press the fan icon on the panel, or go into the Smart app, and adjust the fan speed your exact preference.  You can also select different fan modes, including auto, night, or maximum fan speed.

Yes, the Wynd Suite has a built in air quality sensor.  Based on the air quality it measure, it will adjust the fan speed, so you can save energy.

We provide 1 year warranty on the Wynd Suite Air Purifier, including parts and labours.

Free Indoor Air Quality Test

We offer different types of air purification products and solutions, including Wynd Halo air quality monitor and Wynd air purifier rental services.

We also provide free indoor air quality assessment and 7-day air quality monitoring, and assist public clients, including school, restaurant and gym, to comply with their air change compliance under government regulations.

Please feel in the form below or email us directly at info@modus.com.hk if you are interested.

About Wynd

Wynd Technologies, Inc. is based in Silicon Valley, California and was founded by MIT graduate Ray Wu.   Their first product, the Wynd Plus portable air purifier was a big success, and awarded by Time Magazine as “One of the Best Invention of the Year”.  

Today, companies that are using Wynd’s products and technology include Marriott Hotels, SpaceX, Apple, MIT.  Modus is the exclusive distributor for Wynd Brand and its product in Hong Kong.

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