CrazyCap UV-C
Insulated Water Bottle

Voted by Time Magazine as “One of the Best Invention of the Year”, the CrazyCap self-cleaning bottle purifies clean water for you whenever you need it. CrazyCap uses UV-C ultraviolet light technology to eliminate 99.99998% of bacteria and viruses in your water and bottle.

Special Offer: $498

Efficient Purification

Equipped with UV-C technology, CrazyCap can eliminate up to 99.99998% of bacteria and viruses in your water, including E. coli and Salmonella.

The 278nm wavelength of UV-C used by CrazyCap is the same wavelength as the UV-C used to sanitize hospital operating rooms, water treatment plants, and other industrial applications.

Automatically Self Clean

CrazyCap automatically self-clean your water every 4 hours.  With normal and crazy mode, you can also activate manually to purify whenever you need it.  Battery can last up to 7 days on a single USB charge.

Heat and Cold Retention

Crafted of 304 stainless steel with Double-Walled vacuum insulation, CrazyCap delivers reliable thermal performance that keeps beverages hot for 12 hours and icy cold for up to 24 hours, perfect to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Use with Confidence

The CrazyCap has been tested and certified by NSF International against NSF / ANSI 55 for Disinfection Performance, up to Class B grading.

CrazyCap comes with a patented portless charging design, with 100% water proof charging and allows you to fully wash and clean every part of the bottle.  CrazyCap is also FDA certified, with BPA free and Mercury free.

Multi-purpose Cap

The cap can be use individually to sterilize surfaces such as phones, tablets, keyboards, and tableware with 15mW UV-C power.

CrazyCap Specification

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UV-C Power

Special Offer: $498

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How To Use

Fill your CrazyCap with drinkable water.  

Touch of a button to purify

Ready to drink cleanest water

Frequently Asked Questions

CrazyCap’s innovative UV light rays are on the same wavelength (in the range of 278nm) as the UV used to sanitize hospital operating rooms, water treatment plants, and other industrial applications. The deep UV-C LED destroys the nucleic acid within the DNA of microorganisms.  

Every four hours, UV rays in the cap automatically activate to kill 99.99998% of microbes and pathogens in your bottle, keeping both water and bottle free of mold, mildew, germs, and odors. 

The UV-C light can be applied on tablet, phone, computer keypad and other daily items to help sterilize bacteria and viruses.  *Please do not look directly into the UV-C light or applied it on body and skin.

Normal Mode is activated by tapping the touch sensor on the cap twice (UV is activated for 60 seconds). 

Click here to see the Normal Mode activation video.

Crazy Mode is activated by tapping the touch sensor on the cap 5 times (UV is activated for 2 minutes).   Click here to see the Crazy Mode activation video.

Charging your CrazyCap is very easy. A port-less USB charging cable is included with your CrazyCap. Simply place the charger on top of the cap, and it will fully charge in 4 hours or less.

Tap the touch sensor once. The light ring will illuminate 1 of 3 colors:

Green light indicates >50% battery life

Orange light indicates 25%-49% battery life

Red light indicates <25% battery life

CrazyCap is expected to last a week on a full charge with 5 Normal Mode uses daily (up to 7 days).

A full charge is indicated when the light on the cap turns green after charging, and no charge is indicated when the cap stops responding to the touch and doesn’t show a light color.

There is no ‘on’ or ‘off’ button on the cap. The self-clean mode is automatic and cannot be turned off.

No, the liquid should be clear. The UV light cannot pass through turbid (non-transparent) liquid.

The CrazyCap is completely waterproof, so you can either wash the cap with mild soap and water, or clean it with alcohol wipes. Please note: The CrazyCap is not dishwasher safe.

The life of the CrazyCap UV light can last over 100,000 treatments. 


WAATR brand is from Florida, USA.  Since the launch in 2019, WAATR has become an integral part of thousands of homes and communities, providing safe, refreshing hydration, no matter where our customers’ adventures take them. 

Their products, CrazyCap, HydroCap, and LYT, uses UV-C to sterilize germs, bacteria, and viruses, up to 99.99999%.  CrazyCap was voted by Time Magazine as “One of the Best Invention of the Year”, and have been recognised by CNet and Women’s Health Fit Tech awards as the Best Self-Cleaning Water Bottle.

Modus is the exclusive distributor of WAATR brand and its products in Hong Kong.

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