The Way We Live Today

Cities are places full of opportunity and activity. But as more and more people migrate to urban areas, more infrastructure and transport are needed to keep up. These developments generate harmful gases, emissions and particulate matter which pose a threat to our health.

In amongst the frantic pace of modern life, most of us aren’t aware of the risks around us. We often don’t realise that our homes and offices could be affected by poor indoor air quality. The longer we’re exposed to poor conditions, the more likely we are to aggravate allergies and develop more severe respiratory diseases.

The good news is that innovation is keeping pace, and there are ways to keep our homes, and our health, safe.

We Are Modus

And we care for your well being

We’re committed to making a difference for our customers. We bring together cutting-edge technologies and leading international products to effectively minimise the hazardous pollutants and chemicals you’re exposed to every day. 

The trusted solutions we share are designed to support safe and clean home and work environments. We are very selective in the products we represent, and each comes with our personal seal of approval.

Talk to us about the right solution for you. We’re here to help.

About Modus

Modus is currently the exclusive distributor of Wynd Air Purifiers brand from USA and Amaircare Air Purifiers brand from Canada.  We are also the authorized reseller of AirProce Air Purifiers and Airthings Products in Hong Kong.
Modus offers a range of products from vacuums to allergen avoidance products and natural cleansing spray.  All products are endorsed by our allergy specialist that can help you to create a healthy indoor environment.

Reseller and Corporate Purchases

Any parties interested in carrying our products, wholesale purchases, or would like to order for corporate uses can contact us directly for more details. We would love to work with you and let you know how our products can help.

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