Wynd Sentry Smoke
and Noise Monitor

Wynd Sentry is a smoke and noise detection device that alerts user in real time when someone is smoking cigarette, marijuana, cigar or vape smoke. It provides live monitoring of PM2.5 levels and time-stamps any smoking incident as proof of smoke detection.  Wynd Sentry also detects noise levels and alerts user in real-time to help maintain a healthy acoustic environment.  

AI Powered Technology

Wynd’s airID technology uses proprietary light imaging technology with AI to scan and measure the concentration of particulate matter particles in the air.  

At the core of airID is AI-driven algorithms used to analyze the data collected by the sensors. Wynd’s AI technology uses advanced machine learning techniques to recognize patterns and improve the accuracy of particle identification.

Wynd airID detects particles as small as 0.1 microns. These advanced sensors can identify and categorize various airborne particles, including cigarette smoke, pollen, pet dander, and even respiratory droplets carrying bacteria and viruses.

Connect Multiple Units with
Real Time Insights

The Wynd Sentry features real-time monitoring of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and noise levels, so you know what is actually going on in your indoor environment.  

Wynd App and Website Dashboard allow each user account to connect and monitor multiple devices as the same time, so you have no problem monitoring different areas or properties at once.

* Please note Wynd Sentry only detect noise levels, and does not have any recording capability.  

Tamper Protection and Alerts

Wynd Sentry’s tamper protection features instant alerts when the device is disconnected from internet or power, allowing user to take appropriate action. Sentry also comes with a lithium battery, which allows device to continue operate even when power is unplugged.

Incident Report

Whenever Wynd Sentry detects an incident such as recreational smoke or excessive noise, it records the time and duration of the event, and generates an incident report.

Wynd Sentry Price

The Wynd Sentry requires a monthly subscription service, with a price of $150 per month. The price includes Wynd Sentry device, Dashboard, App, and notification services, Cloud based AI detection, product support, and warranty.

Wynd Sentry Demo and Free Trial

If you are interested in the Wynd Sentry, please contact us for to learn more and arrangement of a free-trial demo.

Please feel in the form below or email us directly at info@modus.com.hk or reach us at WhatsApp at (852) 5590 2880.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sentry detects cigarette, marijuana, cigar, and vape.

Note: Sentry alerts do not specify which type of recreational smoke is occurring. It tells you if someone is smoking recreationally and time stamps the incident to provide proof. If it is smoke from cooking or candle, Sentry will be able to identify it is not recreational smoke and not send out any alert.

A normal smoke detector can’t tell the difference between cooking and candle smoke verses recreational smoke such as cigarette, cigar, marijuana, and vaping.

Note: Sentry is not intended to replace your traditional smoke detector or smoke detector that are required by fire service department.

Sentry protects yours and your guests’ privacy and cannot listen to your conversations. Sentry only measures noise levels and it does not store any sound data or transmit sound data to the cloud.

We recommend one Sentry per indoor room you like to monitor. Each Sentry can detect smoke around 30 feet away of the incident happening.

Sentry App is compatible for both iOS and Android devices. We also have a Sentry website dashboard that you can access with your computer. Multiple units of Sentry can be monitored through one single account with App or Website Dashboard.

Sentry requires continuous monitoring with cloud support and uses AI to identify which type of smoke is being detected. The charge also helps constant product improvements, and apps development.

About Wynd

Wynd Technologies, Inc. is based in Silicon Valley, California and was founded by MIT graduate Ray Wu.   Their first product, the Wynd Plus portable air purifier was a big success, and awarded by Time Magazine as “One of the Best Invention of the Year”.  

Today, companies that are using Wynd’s products and technology include Marriott Hotels, SpaceX, Apple, and MIT.  Modus is the exclusive distributor for Wynd Brand and its product in Hong Kong.

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