A Problem You Can't See

While many people recognise smog and haze as an indicator of air pollution, the real risk is closer to home. Indoor air quality is often much worse than recorded levels outside—and it’s one of the most serious health problems facing people today.

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In cities today, homes and offices are affected by poor indoor air quality. Many of us are unaware of the problem and the effects that it can have on our health.

At Modus, we want to make a difference. We share everyday solutions that we trust to support you and your family, for a clean home and work environment.

Different Environment, Different Needs

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Portable. Bring it anywhere.

200 – 300 sq. ft.

Bedroom or Office Room.

Over 800 sq. ft.

For Larger Space.


Radon Gas is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. It is a radioactive substance which can be found everywhere, including your home.

Radon concentration level fluctuates daily, and maintaining low radon concentration plays an important part in living a healthy lifestyle.

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You can purchase Modus products through our online shop, or visit our office.

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Air Purifier Free Trial

If you want to try the clean air experience before purchasing an air purifier, Modus provides a One Week Free Trial of our Amaircare HEPA air purifier or AirProce HEPA air purifier, and see if it meets your expectation of purifying the air.

After Sales Service & Warranty Registration

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we place strong emphasis on providing excellent service, even after we sell the product or provide service to our customers.  

Customer can register warranty for Modus’ products, so that we can provide the appropriate after sale service and maintenance.  More useful information can also be found in our after sales service page.