Clean Air You Can Trust

In cities today, homes and offices are affected by poor indoor air quality. Many of us are unaware of the problem and the effects that it can have on our health.

At Modus, we want to make a difference. We share everyday solutions that we trust to support you and your family, for a clean home and work environment.

Wynd Air Purifier

Wynd is a smart and portable air quality system from Silicon Valley. The purifier and air quality sensor work together to filter out allergens and industrial pollution.




Radon is an invisible gas formed in the Earth’s crust.  It surrounds every one of us as part of the air we breath

Indoor Air Pollution

While many people recognise smog and haze as an indicator of air pollution, the real risk is closer to home. Indoor air quality is often much worse than recorded levels outside—and it’s one of the most serious health problems facing people today.

Amaircare Air Purifiers

Made in Canada, Amaircare air purifiers feature some of the best-performing HEPA filters on the market. Available in three designs to suit your space and lifestyle.

Home Products

To support allergy sufferers and a healthy home environment, we offer a range of trusted products and services.

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