Why need air quality sensor?

Most people are unaware of what is surrounding us, until they see or smell it.  These particles or gases are mostly invisible and can causes significant health issues in the long run.

Wynd Halo

The smartest and most comprehensive air quality monitor for your indoor environment.

HKD: $1,280

Truly understand your home air quality

Wynd Halo is the world first air quality sensor that not only tells you the level of pollutants around you, but tell you what it is.

With its AirID function, Wynd Halo can identify pollen, dust, smog, smoke, and pet dander.  (Function Available Soon via Software Update) 

Product Feature

Multiple Sensors

10 comprehensive sensors, including PM2.5, PM10, CO2, VOC, to let you what is around.

Keep it simple

User-friendly interface makes everyone know how to check the useful info and alerts in just one second.

Make change now

System could enhance your air quality automatically. (By connecting to Wynd Home Purifier at the same time)


You could connect your Home Purifier to your iOS or Android to control device or receive air recommendations.


Weight (kg)


Size (CM)

10 Diameter x 2.3 Depth

Battery Life

Up to 3 hours


PM1, PM2.5, PM5, PM10, Carbon Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds, Temperature, Humidity


Wifi and Bluetooth


iOS and Andriod

Always go with Wynd Home Purifier

With the most comprehensive air sensor, you need a powerful partner to tackle the indoor pollution. Wynd Home Purifier is your choice. Let’s call your health back in 30 seconds!

About Wynd

Wynd Technologies, Inc. is based in Silicon Valley, California and was founded by MIT graduate Ray Wu.  As an avid traveler, Ray was concerned about air pollution and air quality issues, especially when visiting relatives in Beijing. Ray and the Wynd team wanted to create products that help people breathe healthier air wherever they go, so they launched Wynd.

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