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Thank you for your interest.  You can purchase directly from us through our online shop, or contact us through email, WhatsApp, or office number.  You can also personally visit our office and we can showcase our products to you.  
Please scroll down below to enjoy Modus online shopping.
Air Purifiers
Wynd Plus ( White )
HK $1,680
Roomaid ( Black )
HK $2,380
Wynd Plus ( Black )
HK $1,680
AirProce AI-600
HK $12,800
AirProce AI-300
HK $10,800
Wynd Medical Grade Filter
HK $80
Wynd Baby Stroller Kit
HK $250
Wynd International Plugs
HK $80
Roomaid HEPA Filter (White)
HK $880
Roomaid HEPA Filter (Black)
Roomaid VOC Canister
Roomaid Pre-Filter
Air Quality Monitors
AirThings Wave Smart Radon Detector
HK $1,280
Modus PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor
HK $688
Dust Mites Products
Dust Mite Controller
HK $580
Natural Cleansing Spray
HK $390
Pillow Cover
HK $210

For purchase over HK$300, we will provide delivery to local commercial or industrial locations by S.F. express, or self-pickup from S.F. Store or S.F Service Centre designated by the customer free of charge.  For purchase less than HK$300, we will charge HK$20 for shipping services mentioned above. (Shipments delivered to Hong Kong’s Remote Areas will be subject to additional HK$30 service charge which will be paid by receiver upon delivery.)

Payment Option:
We accept Visa, Master card, Unionpay, and PayPal as method of payment.  You can also send in cheque or do wire-transfer to Modus bank account.
We provide interest-free installment plans of 6 to 12 months for purchases of our air purifiers (not applicable to Wynd).
Please contact us for more details.