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Thank you for your interest. You can purchase directly from us through our online shop, or contact us through email, WhatsApp, or office number. You can also personally visit our office and we can showcase our products to you. For delivery and payment terms and conditions, please scroll down to the end of the shopping page. Enjoy your shopping with Modus Hong Kong. ​

Featured Products

  • 5 x Wynd Plus Filter Set

    Wynd Accessories $400.00
  • IQAir (F1) PreMax Filter

    IQAir Filters $1,050.00
  • Wynd Max Purifier and Halo Bundle

    Air Purifiers $4,680.00
  • Wynd Max Purifier Filter Set

    Wynd Accessories $680.00
  • Sale!

    Wynd Plus Air Purifier – Black

    Air Purifiers $1,280.00
  • Sale!

    Wynd Plus Air Purifier – White

    Air Purifiers $1,280.00

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  • 1100 HEPA Filter

    Amaircare Accessories $1,280.00
  • 1100 Prefilter

    Amaircare Accessories $60.00
  • 5 x Wynd Plus Filter Set

    Wynd Accessories $400.00
  • AirProce AI-300

    Air Purifiers $10,800.00
  • AirProce AI-600

    Air Purifiers $12,800.00
  • AirProce F9 Pre-Filter

    Airproce Accessories $800.00
  • AirProce H13 HEPA Filter

    Airproce Accessories $1,400.00
  • AirProce MIX Filter

    Airproce Accessories $930.00
  • AirProce TVOC Filter

    Airproce Accessories $1,450.00
  • AirThings Wave Plus

    Air Quality Monitors $1,880.00
  • Amaircare Roomaid – Black

    Air Purifiers $2,380.00
  • Sale!

    Amaircare Roomaid – White

    Air Purifiers $2,142.00

For purchase over HK$400, we will provide free delivery to address within Hong Kong.
For purchase less than HK$400, we will charge HK$30 for delivery services to address within Hong Kong.
Once we have received your order and confirmed the payment, we will send out the order on next working day, and you should receive within 3 working days.

Payment Option:
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Unionpay, and PayPal as method of payment.  Alternatively, you can place an order through our online shop and subsequently send in cheque or do wire-transfer to Modus Hong Kong Bank of China account for settlement.


Suite 907, W50, 50 Wong Chuk Hang Road,
Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 2116 8376
Whatsapp: (852) 5590 2880
Fax: (852) 3468 1003

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