AirProce AI-600


Medical Grade HEPA Air Purifier.

100% Sealing, no secondary pollution.  Achieve “0” particulate matter count on air outlet.

3-Stage Filtration Technology.

Provide 3 Year Warranty for General Parts. 1 Year Warranty for Air Quality Monitor Sensor.


Backward centrifugal German Made fan.

360 ° air inlet and outlet design

100% sealing technology, no secondary pollution.

3-stage Filtration Technology

AirProce F9 Grade Pre-Filter

AirProce Medical grade HEPA H13 filter

AirProce Anti-formaldehyde TVOC filter

5-inch TFT display

Phone APP remote control

Real-time air quality monitoring

Ambient air quality detection function: PM2.5 detector, TVOC detection, temperature and humidity testing, detection light

Operating modes: manual mode, intelligent mode, the sleep mode

Dimensions: length 41cm X 82cm X 41cm wide

Weight: 25kg

Overall purification efficiency: 99.97%(for particles ≥ 0.3μm)- Industry tested

CADR (particles): 600 m³/h

CADR (formaldehyde): 300 m³/h

CCM (particles): P4(≥12000mg)

CCM (formaldehyde): F4(≥1500mg)

Noise 6 levels fan speed: 25 to 65 db

Filter Usage Recommendation:

AirProce F9 Grade Pre Filter: 12 months

AirProce HEPA H13 Filter: 36 months

AirProce TVOC Filter: 24 months

*Filter life expectancy is based on the Airproce laboratory testing, under the environment of 10 operation hours per day & level-3 fan speed. The actual filter life depends on user environment, actual operating fan speed and operation time. Thus, the recommended service life is for reference only.

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