AirProce Air Purifiers

More efficient, more intelligent, more convenient.

2016 Hong Kong Consumer Design Award.

Everything under your control

With a smart control panel and app function, you can monitor the air quality and control your AirProce anytime and anywhere.

Product Features

H13 Grade HEPA Filter

Filter 99.97% of viruses, bacteria, allergens, particulate matters up to 0.3 micron (PM0.3)

RFID Sensor

With RFID technology incorporate onto each filter, it can recognize the condition and remaining lifecycle of each filter.

German-Made Fan Motor

Top EBMpapst backward centrifugal fan motor, with airflow rate as high as 1200m3/h and offers lowest noise level.  Performance Guarantee.

“0” Air Outlet.

100% house sealing, no secondary pollution.  Can achieve “0”measurement of 0.3 micron (PM0.3) at air outlet.

Intelligent Mode

Automatically adjust your fan speed based on the real time air quality monitor.

Comprenhensive IAQ Monitoring

Provide Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality for comparison, including Temperature, Humidity, PM2.5 level, and TVOC.

Air Purifier Free Trial

If you want to try the air purifying experience before the purchase of air purifier, Modus provides one week free trial of our AirProce HEPA air purifier and see if it meets your need of purifying the air of your daily environment.



  AI-300 AI-600
Recommended Area 800 – 1200 sq. ft
Size (cm) H66 x W41 x D41 H82, W41, D41
Weight 17 kg 25 kg
CADR of Airbone Particles 680 m3/h 600 m3/h
CADR of Formaldehyde 180 m3/h 300 m3/h
Power Consumption 22 – 150 W
Noise Level 25 – 70db 25 – 65db

Recommend Filter Usage

  AI-300 AI-600
Pre-Filter   12 months
Mix Pre-Filter 12 months  
TVOC Filter   18 months
HEPA Filter 36 months 36 months
AirProce AI-300
HK Retail Price: $10,800
AirProce AI-600
HK Retail Price: $12,800