LYT UV-C Insulated Water Bottle

LYT UV-C Water Bottle from WAATR, a lightweight and easy to use self cleaning insulated water bottle you can bring whenever you go for your adventures.  It can eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Special Offer: $108

100% Mercury Free

Our advanced 12mW 268nm LED destroys 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including E.Coli in just 3 minutes.

LYT UV-C LEDs do not contain toxic metals like mercury, making it a perfect portable water treatment system in a bottle.  LYT is BPA Free and Phthalate Free.

Multi Purpose

Using premium stainless steel, the LYT insulated water bottle can keep beverage cold for 12 hours and hot for 6 hours.  It is lightweight, safe, with 100% water proof charging, so you feel safe to clean each part of your bottle with water.

It automatically self clean every hour for 20 seconds, keeping your water clean all the time and bottle stink free.

LYT Specification

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UV-C Power

Special Offer: $108

How to Use

Frequently Asked Questions

LYT uses 268nm wavelength UV-C LED destroys the nucleic acid within the DNA of microorganisms.  

Every hour, UV rays in the cap automatically activate to kill 99.99% of microbes and pathogens in your bottle, keeping both water and bottle free of mold, mildew, germs, and odors. 

The first difference between the LYT and CrazyCap is germicidal efficacy. For example CrazyCap destroys 99.999% E.Coli in 3 minutes, while LYT destroys 99.9% E.Coli in the same time.

The second difference is the outer cap shell material. LYT shell is an all plastic construction, whereas CrazyCap shell is an all metal construction.

Yes, LYT is made of Stainless steel double-walled vacuum insulation.  It can keep the contents Cold for 12 hours and Hot for 6 hours.

LYT can be used up to 4 days on a single full charge.

There is 1 manual mode for LYT, with touch of button twice to activate the UV-C cleaning.  There is also an automatically self cleaning mode, which cleans every hour for 20 seconds.  You can hold the top botton for 5 seconds to deactivate the self cleaning mode.

The LYT is completely waterproof, so you can either wash the cap with mild soap and water, or clean it with alcohol wipes. Please note: The LYT is not dishwasher safe.

Modus Hong Kong Limited provides 1 year warranty for the LYT.


WAATR brand is from Florida, USA.  Since the launch in 2019, WAATR has become an integral part of thousands of homes and communities, providing safe, refreshing hydration, no matter where our customers’ adventures take them. 

Their products, HydroCap, CrazyCap, and LYT, uses UV-C to sterilize germs, bacteria, and viruses, up to 99.99999%.  CrazyCap was voted by Time Magazine as “One of the Best Invention of the Year”, and have been recognised by CNet and Women’s Health Fit Tech awards as the Best Self-Cleaning Water Bottle.

Modus is the exclusive distributor of WAATR brand and its products in Hong Kong.

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