Crazycap UV-C Bottle 500ml - Sapphire - Modus

Crazycap UV-C Bottle 500ml – Sapphire


CrazyCap UV-C Water Purifier & Self Cleaning Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle – Provide clean water whenever you need.


Eliminate 99.9996% of bacteria and viruses, including E. coli and Salmonella.  NSF / ANSI 55 Certified for Disinfection Performance.

304 Grade stainless steel double insulated vacuum bottle.  Heat retention up to 12 hours, cold retention up to 24 hours.

Automatic UVC cleaning every 4 hours, ‘normal’ and ‘crazy’ sterilisation modes.

Lithium Battery, single charge lasts up to 7 days, Patented USB Charge.

FDA certified, BPA free materials, Zero mercury.

Water Capacity: 500ml

Dimensions: Height 27cm, Width 7cm, Cap Diameter at 3.4cm

Weight: 0.7lb

1 Year Warranty

Origin: China

What’s inside the box:

CrazyCap UV-C Stainless Steel 500ml Bottle

Patented USB Charger

User Manual


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