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Warranty Registration

Customer can register for Modus warranty program when purchase of Modus’ distribute / resell products (“Products”) through Modus’s authorized reseller.  

For purchases directly with Modus or through Modus website, there is NO NEED to register for warranty, as we already have your records, and warranty will be provided automatically.

A photo or copy of the invoice can be sent to Modus through email at info@modus.com.hk or WhatsApp to +852 5590 2880.  Invoice is required to complete the registration process.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Terms and Conditions

Modus Hong Kong Limited (“Modus”) provides limited warranty to Modus’ distribute or resell products (“Products”) , including products from Wynd, AirProce, Amaircare, Airthings, and Modus brand, for the original purchaser who purchased from Modus or Modus’s authorized resellers.

Modus provides warranty coverage on Wynd Plus Air Purifier, Airthings, and Modus brand Products for 1 year , Wynd Max Purifier and Wynd Halo Air Quality Monitor for 2 years, AirProce and Amaircare Products for 3 years.  Warranty coverage includes motor/fan, circuit board, power switch, and battery adaptor (if applicable).  

Modus will provide free inspection of Products for up to 5 years.

Filter is not included in the warranty coverage, as it is consumable part.

The Products has been operated properly, and there have been no attempts to disassemble or modify the Products from its original condition. Otherwise, the warranty will be voided.

Customer is responsible for all delivery and handling charges of the Products sent to Modus for inspection or repairment.

Customers must remove all filter components (if applicable) before sending Products to Modus for inspection or repairment.

Modus warranty period starts on the original date of purchase, not date of registration.

In case of disputes, Modus’s decision shall be final.


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