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HEPA is very effective in arresting different particles from air, such as dust miles, pollen, bacteria, and viruses. However, for gas pollutants such as odor and smoke, and other volatile organic compounds, you can use activated carbon filter for removal from the air, in addition to a HEPA filter.

No. Manufacturing a filter with HEPA filter media is not equal to a filter that truly meets HEPA efficiency requirements. Detailed testing on the product and filter must be performed by independent testing centre, based on the HEPA efficiency standards.

Apart from the HEPA media that have different grades from their manufacturers, HEPA media needs to be glued precisely to the filter frame and may cause leakage if not handled properly. Leaks between the air purifier and the filter frame will affect the performance of the filtration process and therefore not able to achieve a result require for true HEPA efficiency.

0.3 micron particle size is known as the “Most penetrating paricle size (MPPS)” for the HEPA filter media. It approximates the most difficult particle size for a filter to capture. The efficiency of particles size larger or smaller than 0.3 micron is typically greater than 99.7%, as larger particles are more easily trapped or intercepted by the HEPA media; whereas smaller particles are usually have lack sufficient mass to penetrate the media.

It is best to place your air purifier to where you will spend most of your time. At home, it is might be best to place it inside your bedroom, close to your bed. In the office, you can place it next to your desk or top of the cabinet.

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