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What is Formaldehyde

About 3,000 different building materials contain formaldehyde. The main sources are various building materials, including plywood, blankets, insulation materials, wooden products, flooring, tobacco, decoration and decorative materials.

Formaldehyde will generally be released slowly from the source. New products will have the highest amount of formaldehyde released during the first few months. After a certain period of time, the amount of formaldehyde released will gradually decrease, but it will generally last for seven years or more.

Formaldehyde Removal Service – Nano-dissolving enzymes

This product uses the principle of bio-decomposition. Many microorganisms in the product reproduce by themselves and produce a biological protease. Under the double action of microorganisms and enzymes, the odor is completely decomposed to produce carbon dioxide and water. During the construction, the product is sprayed onto the surface of the pollution source through specialized machines and technologies. The beneficial microorganisms in the product can decompose the organic volatiles that are volatilized. The odor and harmful compounds are eliminated from the source to achieve a long-lasting removal effect.

Formaldehyde Services

We can provide formaldehyde removal services for your home or office after new renovation.  Feel the form below, and we will contact you to understand your need.


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