Amaircare Roomaid

Made in Canada, compact and lightweight, the Roomaid is one of the smallest HEPA air purifier available in the market.

HKD: $2,380

Leak-Free Filtration

For an air purifier to work effectively, air must pass through the filter. Many products on the market today claim HEPA-grade filtration, but with unsealed leaks in designs, they don’t meet true HEPA efficiency requirements.

The Roomaid is fitted with Amaircare’s own Perfect-Seal HEPA Technology, leading to no leaks and greater performance. Air pollutants that are captured by the air purifier are filtered through in “one pass”. This allows the Roomaid to achieve a “zero particle count” upon measuring the air outlet. Bacteria, viruses, and allergens are all filtered through by the Roomaid before clean air is release out.

Product Feature

Made In Canada

The Roomaid is fully made from Canada, including the HEPA filter, to provide customers satisfaction and guarantee performance.


Captures large particulate with the first stage prefilter, harmful particulate, including viruses and bacteria, with the second stage HEPA filter and gas pollutant with the third stage VOC filter.

100% Sealing Design

Using Perfect Seal HEPA technique, the Roomaid is guarantee to capture pollutants of any size at least 99.97%. There is no leak, and viruses and bacteria are filtered through, to achieve true HEPA result.

compact and efficiency

With a weight of just 2kg, it is very easy to carry around and use in any indoor environment. The power consumption is only 5W, which is very similar to charging smart phone.

360 Degree air intake

With its 360 degree design, air pollutants are easily captured, and greatly enhance the filtration efficiency and air flow.


With extra activated carbon, the VOC canister will dramatically increase the capacity for capturing gas pollutant.



Recommended area

200 sq ft.

Size (CM)

22 D x 19 H


2 kg

HEPA Filter Area

17 square feet.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

68 m3/h

Power Consumption

5 Watts

Noise Level


Filter Usage


12 months

HEPA filter

24 months

Activated Carbon inner filter

12 months

Optional VOC Canister

12 months

HKD $ 2,380

Roomaid Accessories

Roomaid HEPA 過濾器 (白色)

HEPA Filter $880

Roomaid VOC 過濾層

VOC Canister $360

Roomaid 前置濾網

Pre Filter $30

Roomaid Free Trial

You can try the Roomaid first to see if it works for you.  Modus offers a one week free trial for the Amaircare Roomaid HEPA air purifier. It also comes with a PM2.5 Air Quality Index Monitor, that allows you see the before and after filtration effect of your space.

If you have enjoyed the experience with Amaircare air purifier and want to keep it, Modus provides you with an option to purchase the air purifier.  If you decide the Roomaid is not the right fit for you, simply return the air purifier and the air quality monitor to us, and there will be no charge.

Please contact us for more detail on the arrangement of the free trial.

About Amaircare​

Amaircare’s HEPA air filtration products are designed and manufactured at their own facility in Mississauga, Canada. To exceed industry standards and ensure efficiency, each and every component is assembled and tested by a skilled technician before being shipped. By the time an Amaircare product arrives in your home, it has been rigorously tested for quality assurance, so you can trust its performance. 

Modus Hong Kong Limited is the exclusive distributor of Amaircare Air Purifiers for the Hong Kong Market.  If you need replacement filters or maintenance services for the air purifiers, we are here to serve you.  We provide filter replacement for the Roomaid, 1100, 2500 and 3000 models.

All filters are directly from Amaircare’s Canada Factory, and are tested for its filtration performance before shipped out.  You can purchase the filters through Modus, and we will deliver the filter to you free of charge.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

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